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Liver is the organ that is in charge of minute of disintegrate endotoxin, very important to healthy metabolization, and hepatic itself bore greater pressure, incidental all sorts of diseases askForum of Shanghai night net

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Problem, the life that gives people causes huge to destroy. For example, chronic liver exhaustion is a kind of breakneck disease, can give people bring relatively serious ailment torment. Chronic liver exhaustion looks to you can cure below?

 Chronic liver exhaustion can be treated

Chronic liver fails (CLF) it is to be on liver cirrhosis foundation, liver function undertakes those who bring about the gender drops mix with obstacle of function of high pressure of ascites, portal vein, cruor the disease of liver sex brain chronic liver function that is main show breaks disease of acting countervail sex. Chronic liver exhaustion is a kind of hepatic and long-term damage1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Kill, the liver that accumulates be caused by chronically fails, have the pathology physiology feature of slow, advance gradually, histology with diffusing sexual liver fiber is changed and false flocculus form makes main show. Generally speaking, chronic liver exhaustion is to show liver of serious sex of the countervail that miss generation is sclerotic.

Virus infection, alcohol often brings about chronic liver exhaustion, additionally liver disease, helminth affects immunity of gravid acute fatty liver, oneself the happening that waits to also can bring about liver to fail. Any pathogeny liver cirrhosis can produce disease of liver sex brain, but it basically is to spend portal vein high pressure and mark of chronic evening liverish again.

 Chronic liver exhaustion can be treated

The cure that chronic liver fails:

Internal medicine and artificial liver cure can delay progress of partial patient patient’s condition, but overall curative effect owes beautiful, liver transplanting may be the final cure medium that has exact curative effect exclusively. Kidney of ascites of disease of brain of sex of recrudescent sex liver, stubborn sex, liver is asked for integratedly reach recrudesceFall in love with the sea

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Quality varicosity haemorrhage patient, liver of Lv of take an examination transplants, at present the absolutely and no-no card that liver transplants basically has heroic spirit of the sex outside liver poisonous disease of pus of sex of the activity outside system of malign pathological changes, courage and heart lungs exhaustion.

 Chronic liver exhaustion can be treated

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What exhaustion treats is prognostic:

The patient of chronic liver exhaustion with clinical stable illness, survival rate of 6 months after liver transplants is as high as 90% , but already was in when transplanting the ICU (ICU) serious illness patient, 6 months survival rate is made an appointment with 65% .

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