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Candy is the material with extremely high value of a kind of nutrition, because candy also is body place must material, people must get certain candy to be changed into energy from inside food, provide mighty power for the body. But, the adipose content of candy is very high, eat much cause a few side effect easily, bring adverse effect to the body, especially the intake that pregnant woman should notice candy, pregnant woman candy looks to eat below much how be met?

 Pregnant woman candy eats much meeting how

Some females like sweet food very much, like to take candy at ordinary times, after be pregnant nevertheless, be about to notice, eat candy to also want right amount, cause gravid tall blood sugar very easily otherwise diabetic even, these two kinds of disease have very big risk to production, the pregnant Mom that likes to take candy so should notice to be controlled.

Contemporary diet structure decides pregnant woman absorbed overmuch beverage and flour and rice, bring about the candy inside body cent is exorbitant, fetal crystal is premature development, bring about myopia more easily.

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 Pregnant woman candy eats much meeting how

Although candy is the material with indispensible human body, candy of human body metabolization needs many vitamin B, if pregnant mom has absorbed much candy cent, and for disappearForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Change candy to need to use up many vitamin B, the result can bring about inadequacy of B of human body occurrence vitamin; In the meantime, pregnantForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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If mom has absorbed much candy, candy of its body metabolization still can need many calcium, thisNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Appearance can bring about the calcic inadequacy inside pregnant mom body. In material of these two kinds of nutrition insufficient circumstance falls, can bring about eyeball wall puissant and abate, can form myopia namely.

 Pregnant woman candy eats much meeting how

Pregnant mother takes overmuch candy, not only make oneself contract eye disease, still can affect fetal eyesight growth directly, take candy at the same time overmuch, cause easily be short of calcium, cause fetal tooth, skeletal growth undesirable, be born oedema of future trouble head, occurrence body small, head is big wait for not harmonious state, still can have evening of rachitic, conversation, teething evening, reach all sorts of nerve and head late to injure a symptom on foot.

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Can take candy, but pregnant woman eats less still had better, it is good that pregnant woman takes candy the answer that such problem also did not affirm, now and then some of white saccharic brown sugar is put to wait when eating a few lump sugar to perhaps have a meal, also do not have big impact. If pregnant woman often takes candy,perhaps having sweetmeat dessert is not very good. Accordingly, the physical ability that reachs darling for oneself health and intellective and normal growth, pregnant mom must not cross much sugar inside pregnancy, more the sweetmeats that does not want those who had eaten.

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