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Be pregnant to be affected to the female’s life very big, and be pregnant to be able to give female sexual life to bring ruinous influence even accidentally, accordingly, many going out1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The females that are pregnant accidentally now can adopt the method of abort avoid menace. But, abort is right of the female healthy have bigger negative effect, and for many times the harm of abort is the greatest, for example, hit an embryo 4 times to you still can be pregnant? Look below explain.

 Hit an embryo 4 times to still can be pregnant

Once a lot of females are in impropriety when was pregnant not carefully, can choose to go abort. But the abort harm to female uterus isLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Huge, if the time of abort passes much word,was pregnant very easily hard.

Still can be pregnant to hitting an embryo 4 times actually this problem, be the result that has a level very hard. The constitution of everybody is different, some people are likely abort cannot be pregnant again, but some people abort still can be pregnant however many times. It is thick that actually this still should see uterine wall of the female thin still. If uterine wall compares weakness, once hit an embryo, it is very easy also to be conceived again later of occurrence habitual abortion. And if uterine wall is larger, so abort also can be pregnant a few times normally later. But those who need an attention is, the time of abort is more, so the odds that is pregnant again also can decrease.

 Hit an embryo 4 times to still can be pregnant

Generally speaking, of abort squareA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Type has medicine to flow, suck blow art and clamp to blow art. Different abort kind the harm degree to the body is differentForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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. Very may much person thinks medical shedding is harm is the least, then every time abort can choose medicine flow, but medicine flows actually to the body also have harm, accordingly1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Medical shedding cannot exceed 3 times, can reduce the odds that you are pregnant again otherwise.

 Hit an embryo 4 times to still can be pregnant

And the choice sucks the word that blows art, to the body be to bigger physics is harmed, cannot exceed 2 times at most, if was done the 3rd times, so appear very easily habitual abortion. Clamp blows art to have very great harm to cervix not only, and complication is more, if needForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Need the word that should become, can do only all one’s life so.

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