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A lot of people are looked down on rely on a wall to stand this kind takes exercise, this kind takes exercise very simple, everybody can be done inside the home, have hardly any requirement, and the benefit that relies on a wall to stand is very much, for instance present person hopes his temperament is better, sit rely on a wall to stand take exercise1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Have the effect that promotes temperament, still have a lot of peopleShanghai noble baby

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Can want to be less than, rely on a wall to stand to still be had reduce weightShanghai night net

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Effect, but if want to achieve1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Good effect, everybody must want to master the correct pose that relies on a wall to stand.

Is relying on the correct pose that the wall stands what kind of?

Rely on the correct pose that the wall stands:

Back wall station belongs to fall asleep exercise means, greatly the pressure that eased knee joint, do not increase articulatory loss so, do not cause ache commonly, so namely reasonable hold to easily again. This kind of means takes exercise, without field demand, also do not need assistor capable person, feasibility is very so tall. Back wall station still can help great master correctional station appearance, prevent bow-backed.

1, should look for one side wall above all, whole person is carried on the back to wall, make the same score baseboard stick on the ground, follow two the rear foot slowly next and approach, at that time whole leg ministry, include to leave half body, also stick on wall closely accordingly.

Is relying on the correct pose that the wall stands what kind of?

2, come to 60 degrees bow first namely again, invite the upper part of the body of him waist above, can in a way leaves metope.

3, forcibly inspiratory close alvine perhaps pressing with the hand alvine, then again according to order whole upper part of the body, arrive from vertebral, coxal, waist slowly shoulder, finally is afterbrain spoon, make the same score entirely one by one stick in metope. Want special attention at that time is: Shoulder and both hands should be loosened, but coxal must clamp.

4, after completing these actions, maintain changeless, rest through the ability after 15 minutes and loosen, and had better be to practice this movement everydayA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Is relying on the correct pose that the wall stands what kind of?

Rely on a wall to stand note reducing weight:

1, this movement needs to let the head, bladebone, coxal, calcaneal this 4 parts stick close wall to stand still. The attention receives an abdomen to still have carry buttock, such holding to probably 3 minutes. When even if do not open an eye,was used to this kind of pose hind also can be balanced all over.

2, if be opposite unaccustomed this pose or the word that let feel afflictive, it is certain that that proves skeleton had hadForum of Shanghai noble baby

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tilt or be ill-natured, want oneself to notice more only, adjust in time, can alleviate not only what humeral pound still has the waist is unwell, still can raise metabolism. New to those postpartum mother stops this petty action that need not spend money alvine also be very effective.

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