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In ran campaign process and after motion, everybody can encounter various problems, muscle ache can appear after ran for instance, some people walkShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Thorax ache can appear in pace process, cramp can appear to wait a moment in process of some people ran even, appear actually these symptoms have a reason, additionally some people feel ran is very tired, this may be to did not adjust good run frequency, perhaps did not adjust the reason such as good breath to cause, little skill of unwearied of a few ran learns below.

What does ran unwearied little skill have?

Ran unwearied little skill:

Exercise the addition of him body consciousness as people, more and more young associate begin to use the athletic fitness, body that exercises his. On the square of summer, really lively and extraordinary, do what what moves to have. In all athletic projects, ran is to having lasting and changeless top person energy of life all the time. Because ran both neither uses weapon, need not apprehension place.

So know, run also has skill. Mastered the skill of ran, runShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The pace plans to be able to be finished more easily.

1. ran1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Water fills before

Ran when human body quickens brandish to send moisture, water lacks those who cause human body after moisture is used up in great quantities. This moment drinks a few dextrose before motion aptly warm perhaps water, weak brine, not only can complement ahead of schedule moisture, still can make throat more comfortable in ran process.

Nevertheless, do not drink too much the burden that increases gastric bowel, because human body is in the process of ran, should help gastric bowel digest alimental blood to will flow toward the whole body originally, gastric bowel will isolate the ground that do not have aid completes whole digestive process. So everybodyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Must drink water appropriately, avoid by all means is drunk too much.

What does ran unwearied little skill have?

2. nose suction inlet breathes out

In the process of ran, many people felt the mouth does glossal dry, some returns the symptom that meeting occurrence voice is fond of. The respiratory tract that too fierce breath and environment bring about is aching when still having run besides the account that lacks waterLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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. In ran when need nose inspiratory, mouth is expiratory, when can avoiding air air current to enter respiratory tract so, pass fierce ultra.

The rhythm that 3. breathes

In ran when, pay attention to the rhythm of ran and rule, do not control oneself rate at will, lest excessive overdraw physical strength does not amount to a target.

Notice breathing rhythm, can let run easily complete Cheng, insist more easily to come down. Want to capture the rhythm of ran, breathing law is very fundamental. Make a plan control rate even, want to know 500 meters of rate that need with 1000 meters are different, need even rate, lest do not run,be over whole journey.

What does ran unwearied little skill have?

4. avoids the head to shake

In ran when, some people will be dizzy. Encounter this kind of situation, be about to understand is the headLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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shake those who cause dizziness. Shake in the process of ran inevitable, but must notice, hold the head sharp movement as far as possible, avoid to shake. Erect, double leg does not want the upper part of the body carry too tall, meeting help ran is smoother.

The attention in the process of 5. ran saves physical strength

In ran when, want even distributinging physical power, do not break oneself rhythm at will. Must not surmount for example in front occurrence person. Because rhythm throws into confusion, it is difficult to want to hold on again. Must not surmount others at will so. Right way is the rhythm that uses his, where should quicken, where to want divide evenly fast.

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