Old driver to turn over Japanese office worker watchs children pornography picture to be arrested

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Had a meal with the friend in hold office of a certain big company yesterday when chatting, undesigned friend arrives a little, the network management of own company is very rigorous, net canal once was before inside the company so-and-so of paste annunciate clew downloaded illegal resource, there is no lack of among them a few old drivers that drive secretly in the office, listen to a friend this word can’ts help plainting fortunately I manage the net is in charge of at ordinary times without giving thought to these, be in charge of early to inform against by the net every day otherwise go to work drove, and appeared today in Japan the old driver that a time going to work drives, just this old driver by him company plan the car broke up in the ditch.

This old driver is 34 years old, it is an office worker that goes to work in company of foreign capital communication, there is a shift in home of this old driver photograph of pornography of many pieces of 30 thousand children and video of pornography of a few children were collected inside hard disk, this year on the computer that this old driver received his mobile hard disk the company in January, when the company works on the sly browsed little motion picture of two children pornography. Say this job is impossible that loud advocate often manages normally machine is silent oneself drive to also had been held out to oneself, but installed very unfortunately on the network of this company detect automatically the software of children pornography content, want employee to use company computer to see this kind of picture only or video, the company can know what you saw, as a result this company calls the police to police, this old driver turned over a car in so glorious ditch.

Face the inquiry of constabulary uncle, this office worker is very honest say oneself are to satisfy sexual desire to just see these children pornography pictures and small movie, at present this old driver has been moved to send check the work that square proceed sues. Feel the risk that sends a car in the company is too big suddenly, where day must ask oneself net the canal what to he does to look get, if you cannot help wanting to browse a few strange webpages in working hours really,say more finally, the overall situation that still had better hang VPN and so on acts as agent, lest is true by person detection everything.

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