Teams of 2017 B of China of world cup of Si Nuo gram 4

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World cups of 2017 Si Nuo gram do not have stannum in Jiangsu proceed, by Zhou Yuelong and the 上海夜网

Chinese B group that Yan Bingtao forms, the 3rd match is surpassed in the group in, 4-1 conquer holds indefectible Brazil line likewise before this, obtain a group to surpass 3 Lian Sheng.

Zhou Yuelong and the Chinese B group that Yan Bingtao forms, the champion that overcomes a world cup to Si Nuo is taken two years ago. Current regard Wei Mian as champion, zhou Yuelong and Yan Bingtao give fight hand in hand again, first group contest defeats team of weak force Finland with 4-1, the 2nd restrains Norwegian group with 3-2 force. The 3rd group is surpassed, chinese B team is right blast two Brazilian lines of Lian Sheng are taken likewise before this.


of the first bureau jumps dragon to be opposite a Yi Gore – Feigeleiduo, zhou Yuelong will be searched the opportunity is adequately on begin, hit single pole 82 minutes to seal triumph. Yan Bingtao of the 2nd bureau is opposite a Yidaluo – Sangtuosi, the Sangtuosi after bully defends error, yan Bingtao attacks the aggression after begin of bag of red ball bottom gets 38 minute爱上海同城手机版

s to interrupt. Sangtuosi is hit subsequently lose simple red ball sends an opportunity again, the stage in Yan Bingtao is hit into red ball again begin gets 38 minutes again, win one bureau again with 76-0.

Doubles of the 3rd bureau defies, zhou Yuelong prevents time keeping to leave bag of bottom of red ball of far from the table to attack an opportunity. Red ball accidentally drop serves Feigeleiduo superexcellent begin opportunity near aggression 上海千花网交友

bag mouth, the one lever after Yan Bingtao begin gets 46 minutes. Sa爱上海同城

ngtuosi tries to be attacked repeatedly belt defend, fail to be hit into leave a bag to attack an opportunity, after Zhou Yuelong gets 12 minutes, hit lose La Qiu exceeding cent. Of a few bouts defend afterwar, yan Bingtao wears lever thin finish into red ball exceed cent. B上海夜网

razilian team did not abandon, the attempt after be being hit into 16 minutes does Sinuoke with last red ball, zhou Yuelong long table is small into red ball of old point of view clear color comes powdery ball. Chinese B team wins out with 87-16, total score 3-0 ensures Benchangbi surpasses a victory.

Week of the 4th bureau jumps dragon to be opposite a Sangtuosi, sangtuosi will go all out to support into tall difficulty red ball on bag, do Sinuoke with green ball. Sangtuosi spells begin of red ball of the bag in entering again, the redo after getting 9 minutes defends. Defend for long be locked in a seesaw struggle, sangtuosi obtains 30-0 to precede. Zhou Yuelong of one lever high quality defend, sangtuosi returns ball error, zhou Yuelong is thin the begin after the bag end the red ball that spends into the catastrophe that oppose part, hit single pole 50 distinguish Guang Gongqiu. Pompon contention, zhou Yuelong passes gram of one lever Si Nuo to control an aspect, capture opportunity clear color to win victory to powdery ball, win victory with 74-34.

Last bureau Yan Bingtao meets Feigeleiduo head-on, far from the table comes on Feigeleiduo one lever Si Nuo is done to overcome after aggression is procurable, yan Bingtao solves a ball to send an opportunity, single pole of much begin of phenanthrene case thunder is finished 65 minutes exceed cent. Although Yan Bingtao did not abandon, si Nuo of many another lever overcomes thunder of Dan Fei case to take begin chance again, clear color hits La Qiu to win victory with 101-6.

4-1 of final total score acquires Chinese B line group contest wins the 3rd times continuously, below one field general and acquire 3 Cambria lines of Lian Sheng likewise, contend for a group the first.

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