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What calls offside inside the football

The graph is 2018 in exceed Wang Wulei of archer of league matches sports season

Aggression player is in when giving a ball that momently (no matter be to pass ball or shoot, touch a ball to give a ball that instant) , in aggression half of a game or contest (we defend the another half of a game or contest of half of a game or contest) other aggression square player, whether does the parallel that the positional dot that they are in forms defend than penult at the line of the bottom line player more stand by goal of the other side (penult defends personnel parallel is offside line at the line of the bottom line, offside line went a bottom line to be offside area even to the bottom line, offside line arrives at most central line) , and whether be close to bottom line of the other side more than the football at the same time. After reaching a condition, regard as be in offside position. But be in offside position not to foul. (check of champion of cup of all previous Asia) (schedule of leg of Asian cup match) (result of match of 2019 Asias cup is forecasted) (the country is sufficient newest list o爱上海同城论坛

f 25 National People’s Congress) (the country is sufficient prepare for war Asian cup stays exceed hotel of 5 stars class) (list of Asian cup judgment)

Offside trap is one kind defends politic

Offside trap is one kind defends politic. Should attack square player to run ahead the ball that prepares catching teammate, defend square can forward field is mobile, in be being kicked in rubber ball before make study square player left behind, kick when the ball so when going out, he is in offside position. Use this strategy defend the means that often just can try to will attack square offside condition perhaps raise an arm through crying reminds edge judge.

Offside is graphic

The friend that likes to watch a football usually compares understanding to the regulation of the football, but friend of a lot of novices compares faintness to the offside regulation in football game, the old fan that likes a football爱上海龙凤419桑拿

a lot of years occasionally also is met confused to offside, I made regulation of a football to everybody today graphic offside is graphic, will help fan understand. Offside, what simple ground says even if aggression team member passes a ball ahead is flashy, the team member that receive a ball is in half of a game or contest of the other side, and comparing reciprocal 上海千花社区

of the other side the 2nd defends team member more stand by line of goal of the other side. If offside, the judgment can sentence ball authority to th爱上海同城手机版

e other side. (Si Sitan of auspicious of Er of auspicious of national sufficient 2-1) (C group is newest and integral a list of names posted up)

Be punished to fizzle out in the上海贵族宝贝交流区

football the consequence of the card

If the player gets a piece of yellow card in the first match, the 2nd is punished again a piece of yellow shop sign, accumulate 2 pieces of yellow shop signs, although won’t be in the 2nd by be ordered off the field for foul play, but inspect of a ball will be sentenced in below one, must not enter the court the match. But if be in same field match, get two pieces of yellow cards, that is 爱上海同城对对碰

inspected get a piece of red card together, besides drive out on the spot outside coming on the stage, be sentenced again even ball inspect. Yellow shop sign can be in international is sufficient maintaining all the time in total record, meet till the ability after been punish by disappear case, the yellow card that some player gets in the world cup, may be in other international is sufficient the international Sai Zhongcai that always approbates receives penalty, fizzle out mediumly likely also in current world cup card, to issue a world cup to just be punished.

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