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 Aubergine is amount to not muchOn1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
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purple vegetable, nutrition is rich, it is aubergine skin or aubergine no matter inside OK edible. Aubergine can treat precautionary disease, eat law diversity. Aubergine of cold and dressed with sause is simpler have a way, the way is very simple also, prepared condiment to be able to eat.

What does practice of aubergine of cold and dressed with sause have

 1. aubergine abluent epigenesis two big. Put into evaporate of conflagration of a pot for steaming food 5 minutes to order about, evaporate arrives to involve fire with the time with deft and can penetrable chopstick. The hour that operates evaporate aubergine cuts garlic into small-scale. vinegar, unripe smoke, salt, delicious is oily, white sugar is smooth into flavor juice. The aubergine with ripe evaporate is put cool hind delimit with the chopstick fine. Scatter on garlic bead and delicious dish paragraph. Oil is received in boiler, put into shallot paragraph, chinese prickly ash, fly into rage of chili small fire gives delicious taste. Take the advantage of the hot oil that has burned heat is spilled on garlic bead, after stimulating delicious giving garlic, mix divide evenly tasty. At last goes in the juice of piscine delicious flavour of mix up mix divide evenly is OK.

What does practice of aubergine of cold and dressed with sause have

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Sp;2. Burn first roll one boiler water, water deal should have built aubergine completely. Water must boil, can discharge the air in water so. Cut aubergine next paragraph, put immediately roll water in, take dish press aubergine below water, such1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Won’t air of bring into contact with and become angry. Aubergine conflagration boils 5 minutes to be able to be scooped, put ice next drop in temperature 3 minutes in water. Flavor cold and dressed with sause after juice has mixed, drench on on aubergine can. Mixture cold and dressed with sause flavors juice hind is OK foretasteForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Flavour, the acid that can like along with the individual, sweet and salty degree will increase or reduce flavoring.

What does practice of aubergine of cold and dressed with sause have

 3. dry chili decoct becomes paragraphs small to add sesame seed, Chinese prickly ash and blast of a few salt to become chili oil air is cool reserve; Sweet green, sweet green cuts paragraphs small; Red any of several hot spice plants cuts end; Will abluent aubergine is cut thick piece, basket evaporate makes 25 minutes on; Come to feel soft with chopstick light jab can; The hand is used after air is cool ribbon, place Yu Panzhong; Scatter on aubergine on end of caraway, sweet green, red any of several hot spice plants; Add garlic a few salt to pound mud, join vinegar, unripe smoke, candy, gourmet powder and right amount chili oil mix condiment juice, irrigate go up in aubergine can.

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