[the effect of tea of red jujube ginger and contraindication] – of contraindication of food of _ of action of _ of tea of ginger of _ red jujube

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Article introduction

When people typhoid fever catchs a cold metropolis choice comes to a cup warm warm ginger tea, not only can drive is cold, still have be good at lienal beneficial stomach, filling gas raises blood, calm the nerves wait for action. But lose face goes out in menstruation swollen or the female that is crural swollen symptom does not suit to drink tea of red jujube ginger, because ate red jujube,can accentuate this kind of swollen phenomenon.

One, the effect of tea of red jujube ginger:

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1, be good at: of lienal beneficial stomach? Graceful? of Φ of Nie of ∥ of Yun of ⒕ of body of cut of ⒏ of vinegar of ⑽ feeling Jin is daily eat red jujube 7, or share with dangshen, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, gas of the beneficial in can filling, be good at taste, achieve increase appetite, stop the effect; red jujube of have diarrhoea and ginger, the tuber of pinellia is used together, the stomach that medicable food causes carelesslyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Phlogistic if the stomach bilges, the symptom such as vomiting.

2, does filling gas raise hematic: ? Middling of medicinal food of dietotherapy of dumb? of  of few of  of go whoring of stir-fry before stewing joins blood of body of red jujube take a tonic to build up health, moist gasShanghai Long Feng forum

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. Dr. Sun Andi advocates stage medicine to eat red jujube, yellow over sixty years of age, medlar more at ordinary times energetically, can promote the vigour of the body, enhance immune power.

3, raise blood to calm the nerves: ?  grows? of  of barren of insane of accept of ill ⑿ of word of  of Lian of ⒖ of dimming San ⅰ to be the same as soup of big jujube of the wheat that use of one’s own accord with red jujube and licorice, wheat, can rise to raise blood to calm the nerves, the effect of easy liver Jie Yu.

4, : of alleviation property of a medicine? ┬ of rotten show off of brandish of 1 of Ping of stir-fry before stewing jumps? of street of ┓ of bursa of Si course of study in order to reduce the side effect of strong medicine, protect healthy atmosphere. Like: ? protective taste does not suffer harm.

2, the contraindication of tea of red jujube ginger:

1, choose red jujube to enter filling also is not appropriate all girl friends. If be in classics blood period, occurrence eye of regular meeting of a few girls is swollen or the sign with swollen foot, honest this is weight in wet base reflect, this kind of crowd is uncomfortable close take feed red jujube. Because,this is, red jujube smell is sweet, eat to be born easily more phlegmy unripe wet cause water wet indigestion within body, and aggravate dropsy symptom. In the meantime, have fill with taking red jujube to enter and the girl with attributive hot and dry constitution, uncomfortable also close to be taken in period feed, because this may bring about healthy of classics blood is overmuch and dangerous body greatly extremely.

2, although red jujube is to enter Bu Jia to taste, but exceed set limit to to take food harmful however. Because give birth to bright red jujube to had taken food much, easy produce have loose bowels and will dangerous ” lienal ” , be with, the person that the cold that be heated up because of wind of diseases caused by external factors and causes, person that give out heat reachs abdominal distension stagnation of the circulation of vital energy, all attributive avoid takes a crowd. This besides, because component of red jujube candy is substantial, make the red jujube of snacks especially, uncomfortable add up to a diabetic to enter fill, in order to avoid blood sugar heighten, make illness aggravation. Honest, besides drinkable contraindication, eat a law to also be become somewhat: of be particular about?  Hui allow knocks children’s hair to because if make both neither can be changed,take the medical effect that fill,invade  ? , also can avoid to eat the have loose bowels that brings about raw.

3, the red jujube that must not buy a nucleus, cause former by have 2. It is knowing is how to go of the nucleus, a lot of 2 nutrition that are red jujube can be dropped along with the and his like.

3, the effect of brown sugar and action

1, a variety of monose such as the dextrose that contains in brown sugar, fructose and material of much saccharide energy, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Can quicken the metabolization of skin cell, provide energy for the cell.

2, can quicken the haemal circulation, composition that increases hematic size material of the folic acid that contains in brown sugar, minim, stimulate the hematopoiesis function of airframe, augment blood capacity, raise local cutaneous nutrition, oxygen, moisture to supply.

3, the part that contains in brown sugar is vitaminic with electrolyte composition, can organize a discretion of certain material pH indicator through adjusting, the water fluid that balances cellular core condition metabolizes, remove cellular metabolization product, carry a cell inside, the cleanness of outer shroud condition. Shanghai night net

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4, contain in brown sugar a variety of vitaminic and fight oxidation material, can counteractive freedom base, rebuild and protect cellular infrastructure, safeguard normal function of the cell and metabolism.

5, the material such as the amino acid that contains in brown sugar, cellulose, OK and effective protection and the fiber construction that resume cuticular, derma and lock water ability, aggrandizement skin organizes structure and skin flexibility, skin nutrition complements in the meantime, stimulative rejuvenesce.

6, the certain and natural acid that contains in brown sugar kind with pigment adjustment material, can adjust effectively all sorts of pigment metabolization processes, the pigment inside balance skin secretes distributinging circumstance of amount and pigment, reduce the unusual accumulation of local pigment. Recommend read: The effect of brown sugar Jiang Shui and action

4, the contraindication of water of drinkable brown sugar

1, according to Chinese folk consuetudinary, give birth to the child commonly, should right amount drink a few brown sugar, advantageous to adult child.

2, postpartum drink time of brown sugar water to should not be too long, general1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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A week is controlled can. General with postpartum 7~10 day advisable. If time is too long, cause a puerpera to continue exsanguine.

3, the candy component of brown sugar is very high, the brown sugar of every 100 grams contains calcium 90 milligram, it is 3 times of white sugar. Have enrich the blood, medicinal powder silt, warm liver, dispel is cold wait for effect. Unfavorable excessive.

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