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Article introduction

Medlar ginseng compares a kind of common medicinal liquor namely, nourishing effect is more apparent, have the certain effect that raises immune force level, still have the effect of certain Zhuang Yangjiang kidney to the male additionally, when using medlar and ginseng bubble wineShanghai night net

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, want to master the scale of good medlar and ginseng, drink wine of ginseng of a bit medlar at ordinary times, have profit quite to the body, must notice of course, cannot drink too much.

The scale of wine of medlar ginseng bubble

The scale of wine of medlar ginseng bubble

Immerse commonly the medicinal material is in with the scale of wine 10-20: The quantity of 1 can, immerse liquor is bit more, immerse twice to be nodded less every time. Liquor wine precision had better be in 50 degrees of above, alcohol spends tallish dot to be helpful for the good part dissolve in medicaments going out.

20 jins of liquor immerse put 800-1000 to overcome medlar, immerse 20 days above can drinkable. See you use what medlar, wild hill is joined 19 not little, garden ginseng puts a jin to also have nothing to do with.

The scale of wine of medlar ginseng bubble

The effect of medlar and ginseng bubble wine

The first: Enhance the effect of central nervous

Can promote effectively after wine of ginseng medlar bubble healthy, because certain black glucoside is contained in ginseng,this is, after this kind of material enters the body OK and very good buildup the health of central nervous, final and OK effective elimination the exhaustion of the body and heart, still have Jing Xinning’s magical effect, also have pretty good buildup to memory the effect. In living at ordinary times if appeared memory is feeble and the symptom such as insomnious be agitated, can take medlar ginseng wine, if be senile and gawkish patient is OK also and right amount,take this kind of medicinal liquor besides, can have certain sanitarian effect.

The 2nd: Enhance body immunity power

Material of these two kinds of Chinese traditional medicine has ginseng and medlar effect of very pretty good preserve one’s health, the effect to filling gas health care can have after entering the body, science is taken still can enhance a bodyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Body immunity force. Synthesis of the albumen inside body can be promoted effectively after ginseng medlar wine enters the body, especially albumen, organ albumen and serum albumen, promote healthy.

The scale of wine of medlar ginseng bubble

The 3rd: Protect cardiovascular health

In living at ordinary times if the body appeared cardiac muscle is anoxic or rhythm of the heart is wrong and the wool such as cardiac muscle oxidationSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Ill, also can use medlar ginseng wine this kind of medicinal liquor will have treatment. Ability of cardiac muscle systole can enhance after the medicinal liquor that immerse material of two kinds of Chinese traditional medicine through liquor and comes enters the body, can treat these diseases that say above us not only so, still suit patient of coronary heart disease to take very much at the same time, curative effect is exceedingly distinct.

If be hypertensive patient, also can take this kind of medicinal liquor right amountly, short-term it is OK to take provisionality reduces blood pressure, if can hold to for long,take the endurance with OK and effective choose to reduce blood pressure. Medlar ginseng wine is taken scientificly in living at ordinary times, return the defect with OK and effective remedial head thrombus, miocardial infarction and wrong rhythm of the heart.

The 4th: Cure is diabetic

The effect that believes wine of bubble of person of this kind of medlar is very much the person is not clear, the adjustment with this kind of OK and very good medicine the metabolization circumstance inside the exudation of insulin and body, such blood sugar can be reduced effectively, to diabetic also have effect of certain prevention and cure.

The 5th: Promote1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Haemal active

In if can be in,living at ordinary times often take ginseng medlar wine, OK and effective buildup haemal active, and have very pretty good curative effect to a variety of blood diseases, especially plaque agglomeration, blood is caky and the disease result such as sclerosis of arterial congee appearance is exceedingly right. This kind of medicinal liquor enters the can effective buildup after blood is medium the growth of erythrocyte, such hematin are bigShanghai noble baby

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Increase greatly, blood also more healthy.

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